About Irvin

I hope everyone will have an opportunity to get to know me by reading my book, but until then:

I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in February 1953. Growing up, I had loving parents and two wonderful older sisters. My childhood was normal and I had all three childhood disorders; measles, mumps, and chick-pox. It was while I was playing Little League Baseball at age 10 that my bone disorder was discovered.

After numerous operations and all types of medicines which had marginal results, I discovered in 1971 the medical benefits of cannabis and was lucky enough to become one of the elite Federal Medical Cannabis Patient’s in the fall of 1982.

I work in investments for my clients, both conservative and speculative. My two major hobbies are playing softball on Sunday mornings with my guys, and either sailing at Shake-A-Leg Miami, or teaching disabled and/or disadvantaged kids and adults how to sail. However, my major passion in life is trying to get medical cannabis legal for all patients. That is why I wrote my book and have this website.

I have been able to do accomplish all of this, because I have the right medicine.

Won’t you please join me?